Thread: B2/W2: N is Zoroark?
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After B/W release, me some other people were making theories about N being Zoroark disguised as human. I think events with Zoroark from B2/W2 might be supporting those theories. I'm not saying those events are 100% evidence, but they are interesting for sure:

In this event Zoroark is shown to be able not only to disguise as human, but also to even speak like human, which means N could be talking Zoroark as well (remember that N always speaks faster that any other character, that's weird):

In this one, Zoroark is leading player to N's Castle and immediately disappears. After getting to Castle, there is only N. Zoroark doesn't show up anymore. Notice that N doesn't have Zoroark in his team, so he couldn't hide it into Pokeball:

I admit I'm basing only on what I see, I don't understand what N is talking about. If you know that N is saying something definitely confirming he's not that Zoroark who was leading to Castle, please post it.

Anyway, what do you think about those events? Could N really be Zoroark?