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Dis' what I got from the first video:

Hiker: "Zoroark had settled down 'round here at most two years ago. It's been said that with its ability of illusion, it [something] liberate this meadow, the prison of Pokémon, even if by trickery. Unthinkable though, it's just a rumor - the truth must be still out there. I don't think that it wasn't necessary, though, dontcha think?"

I might be wrong, but here's what I used to translate it - I might be wrong on some of these:
ゾロアークは Zoroark
2年ほど前 at most two years ago
ここらに around here
住み着いていて。 had settled down.
イリュージョン [its] illusion
って , it has been said
特性で using its special power (ability)
この草原の様子を this meadow's appearance
丸五度変化させて By varying degrees round five (?) [to liberate?]
ひとやポケモンを [this] prison of Pokémon
化かしてたって。 even if through trickery.
とんでもないけど unthinkable though
ウワサには the rumor is
何かしら something
事実が the fact,
秘められている。 was hiding.
努々 I absolutely
疑う doubt
事なかれだね that it's peace at any price though, dontcha think…

こきゅきゅきゅきゅーんっ!! Zoroark!!

I think this is referring to N and his decision to liberate all the Pokémon of the world, only to find out at the end he was tricked by Ghetsis.

On a separate note, doesn't N's ponytail (or whatever you'd call it) looks like Zoroark's hair design? js
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