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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post

That's true, but at the same time, people weren't able to get their beloved gen I and II Pokemon on those respective games into gen III. So now people are able to get those beloved gen III Pokemon into gens IV and V. And some of those Pokemon, especially GSC legendaries, wouldn't have and other way of getting into early gen IV if not for gen III. Does that make sense? I think I messed up what I was trying to say lol.
Well how would remaking those gens get you your original teams from the original RBY/GSC games though? You still aren't getting your beloved Pokes back, haha. That may mean something if you mean by training them in their regions, etc., but with the updated mechanics of FRLG/HGSS it just isn't the same.

...and if that's the case, how come RSE couldn't be treated the same? (As in training your team in the original areas and all that, I mean)

Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Keep in mind in Gen 3 there weren't a lot of Gen 1 Pokemon running about.

In Gen 4 there weren't a lot of Gen 2 Pokemon running about.

Majority of the Gen 2 ones that appeared in Gen 4 were related to Gen 1 or Gen 4 Pokemon, but still they kept out a large number of them from the games until the remakes were made, this includes Legendaries.

This isn't true in B2W2. Pre-Game the Pokedez has around 32% of the Hoenn Pokemon in it and Post game I think it rises a little, since we don't have a full list I can't tell exactly how many are in but from Pokedex and Swarm alone its about 40%, this doesn't include interact-able and Pokemon that are just added to the routes and caves/Forests. The number could go up to 50% at least with all the info I'm missing.

This broke the chain for this combo, this is why I don't think we'll be getting Gen 3 remakes until Gen 6 cause that one has a high chance of having less Gen 3 Pokemon and fits the platform pattern.
Wouldn't that mean we would need remakes for everything over again, if gen 6 loses backwards connectivity? If it didn't, there would still be 'no need' for RSEmakes since, according to some, we would have a way of obtaining the originals(despite it being quite tedious).

I say that because everyone seems to be on the fence of whether or not Poke availability will have a play in whether or not we'll see the RSEmakes sooner or later.

That 50% guess could mean that we have a chance of the RSEmakes sooner, with the Weather Trio, etc., and the rest of the 50% missing Hoenn Pokes and all, maybe?

I see them being on the 3DS as well, just trying to see why this all would mean us not seeing them 'til later.
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