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Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
I'll change his starters to Larvitar and Zubar. . Just realized that. Hahaha.
Let's hope the wild Pokémon accomodate, Larvitar becomes one hell of a problem when it's a Tyranitar

Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
I should have described the gems a little better. I'll be sure todo that as soon as my computer is back working, I'm on my phone right now.
Haha, thanks, I'll take a look then too.

Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
I think you misread some of that. It's one region, Sunmus. Lots of the people there come from other regions.
It looks like you were right, it was 9 o'clock in the morning here when I commented first time

Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
I'm a musician (and a student), I can also make some decent OWs. I can make very basic maps, but I would like to learn about scripting and battle spriting.
Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
And nick, is there any place where I would be able to learn how to script/event/map/sprite better? I'm decent in some of those categories, but I would love to be better.
Mapping is fairly easy even for a Beginner, as long as you don't have too many tile errors, and the layers are correct, you can't go wrong, when you've made your maps, there is a Screenshot showcase you can post them in to get feedback, I will surely be there too

Spriting is... Well... It needs concentration, something I lack, but when my mind is set to it, I can do it, I've found that, the more you do it, the better you will get (as with anything really), I've also found out that some are more difficult than others, in this order, easiest to hardest (for me):
Overworlds, Tiles, Icons, Battlers, Trainers, Battle Backs, Trainer Backs.
Others have problems doing Overworlds, but can do Battle Backs with ease, You can practise and find your strengths, you never know, you might be really good at one of these, or maybe all...

Eventing is easiest of them all, as long as there are little to know grammer mistakes... Switches are named for easy manipulation later... Variables are used properly... And, Characters/NPC's are facing the right direction or move the way they should... Remember though, the further you get into your game, the more complicated it will get, due to the amount of switches, linked NPC's, Rivals, Wild Pokémon, Battles, everything, will get harder the further you are into the game, I try to keep everything simple, I use a certain way of doing things, to keep everything in perfect order (Which I always mess up when I change how the story is rolling haha).

Scripting is a main problem for almost everyone here, including myself, I don't declare myself as a pro, I'm deffinitly an ameteur, I make silly mistakes and stick to what I know, whether there is an easier way or not... Again, playing is the way to get better, anybody that knows some stuff will always be able to help if you have an idea how to do it in the first place! Don't rely on many to do it for you, unless they are really nice .
Looking at the Essentials scripts now, you can learn and see what the different things do and what they achieve, that's the way you will learn, there is deffinitly no easy way for this, you must want to learn something new, that is a deffinite key thing you will need... I find online tutorials boring and not very informative... too much information to take in one lesson, ya know! With Essentials you can learn at your own pace while creating your game... Easiest way I think... Play while you do.
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