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Quote originally posted by crazybarkz101:
I tried to load my save and this sign popped up: script 'pokemon option' line 310 :TypeError occurred. cannot convert nil into String.
Then it closed the game. Help?
I'm willing to bet you didn't patch it correctly. Maybe try extracting everything again, or downloading it altogether, and then patching.

Quote originally posted by cronos5010:
hi i just played your game i wonder is there a way to to reduce the shakkyness of the camera
Shakiness? I'm not sure what you're referring to; do you mean lag?

Quote originally posted by silentshot:
Hey, im kind of new, and is this the complete full version of the game?
Nope, still plenty ways away from it xD

Quote originally posted by Scray:
Hi, I tried the game again today and no lag at all. The game works perfectly fine .

But I noticed in battles against some NPCs that they don't do anything. It's always my turn and I attack consecutively until they run out of pokemon.
No really, you've got to be one of the few people who hasn't run into lag at all. XD

Hum, yes, I noticed that, and I can assure it's being looked into. Thanks!

Quote originally posted by MajorLeagueGamer:
i havent posted on here in a while, hows demo 1.5.4 coming?
The next version will be 1.6, actually, but thanks for asking! Given the new Essentials updates, it's gonna take a while, but it's in the works!