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Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
Wouldn't that mean we would need remakes for everything over again, if gen 6 loses backwards connectivity? If it didn't, there would still be 'no need' for RSEmakes since, according to some, we would have a way of obtaining the originals(despite it being quite tedious).

I say that because everyone seems to be on the fence of whether or not Poke availability will have a play in whether or not we'll see the RSEmakes sooner or later.

That 50% guess could mean that we have a chance of the RSEmakes sooner, with the Weather Trio, etc., and the rest of the 50% missing Hoenn Pokes and all, maybe?

I see them being on the 3DS as well, just trying to see why this all would mean us not seeing them 'til later.

Its 50% so far without all of the after Story Pokemon. We don't know everything about the games yet. We could get more events, seeing as Serebii is still updating their findings. Not sayin we'll get the three big ones but the number can still rise.

I don't think the next one would be incompatible with current ones, at least not Gen 5 seeing as B2W2 can interface with the 3DS. Kinda hopin 3rd Gen becomes 6th Gen, or if there is an issue like you think, then Gen 1 could be remade again with pretty graphics.