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Quote originally posted by Foxantes:
1. Giratina Lvl. X
2. Platinum
3. 124/127

1. Rayquaza
2. Ex Holon Phantoms
3. 16/110

1. Politoed Ex
2. Ex Unseen Forces
3. 107/115

1. Chansey Ex
2. Ex Ruby & Sapphire
3. 96/109

Chansey: $2-$3
Giratina: $5-$10
Rayquaza: $1-$2
Politoed: $8-$12

Quote originally posted by xboxnightfall:
don't know how to explain it but here is a photo.

ht tp://

Japanese cards can be a challenge to find a price for, but I think most of those are worth around $4-$5.


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