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:O It's Cartmic!

Originally Posted by Cartmic View Post
@Danny-E 33, Nice to see someone taking an interest in Red hacking.
Thank you! :D
Unfortunately, there aren't enough of us left who were around when Pokemon first came out and who just got hooked on the first 2 gens...

I am very interested in your opinion. I know I don't have a whooole lot to show off yet, but what do you think of the ideas so far? Completing the Pokedex via trade-evolution Pokemon evolving at a certain level? And what critisism do you have for my Town Map?

And is it alright if I message you here or on Skeetendo with some complicated questions that I've been told you may be able to help me with?(: I just have a couple road blocks that I can't seem to find annyy documentation on. Any of your expertise is greatly appreciated!

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
Pokemon Red Proud Eyes [Skeetendo Link] by break
Pokémon Red++ [Skeetendo Link] by Mateo
Pokemon Grape [Skeetendo Link] by 80C
Pokémon Red: Battle Factory [Skeetendo Link] by ShantyTown
Pokemon: EDM Version [Skeetendo Link] by ~Red
Pokemon Ruthless Red and Pokemon Brutal Blue by ScytherTM
Pokemon Ice Blue by Dradier234, Pokemon Tough Red by slim spazzy, Pokemon Red: Legends by BroskiRage
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