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Originally Posted by AshKetchumFromPalletTown View Post
Hey guys,
I'm doing a walkthrough on Youtube for Black and White 2 and I have gotten to the point where I am stuck, I have defeated the 8th gym leader and have now gone back into the cave to the south of the 8th gym to go to Team Plasma's ship but there is a Crustle blocking the doorway to get through and I click on it and it says some stuff but doesnt wake up and attack? Anyone know how to get it to wake up as I have to know to continue my walkthrough, so please help me guys I have all 8 badges and have caught Cobalion and Verizion, so I dont know what im missing out, shall I go catch Terrakion? PLEASE HELP
At some point in the game, Akuroma should have given you his Achroma machine. This machine will cause the Crustle to battle you, thus clearing a path for you to get through. Each Crustle is on level 42, and has the ability Sturdy or Shell Armor. The item WILL be a Key Item, so search that pocket for it. It looks like this:
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