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I don't really think Axew is going to evolve, so it would have been nice for Iris to catch a Deino and then have it evolve all the way to Hydreigon. That would have been so cool. c:

I kind of feel like she'll just be calming down the Dragonite :[ this sort of thing has been done before.

Although maybe they'll try and tie the games in with the anime, not so that Iris becomes Champion because the tournaments seem to work different in the anime, but maybe so that she becomes more of a battler too. (She did beat Ash in that Don Battle a while ago too). I just think its interesting that they chose Iris to be champion (who is also in the anime) instead of someone like Drayden who looks more like what you'd expect from an Elite Four/Champion. Or maybe they're trying to just surprise us again, like instead of a Gray Version they made two.
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