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Currently my team has:
White Kyurem lvl 70
Samurott lvl 61
Lucario lvl 59
Ampharos lvl 58
Electivire lvl 59
Swanna lvl 55

Spent all yesterday beating the game. Is it just me or has the difficulty been upped?

Currently my most wanted list is: Meowth, Keldeo, Magby, Cottonee, Gible, Beldom, Drilbur (I should've caught this a long, long time ago. XD), Larvitar, Pidgeot, Shiny Zoroark, and the regi king.
Currently raising: Shiny Arcanine

Desired White 2 In-game Team:
Meowth (Fluffy)
Shiny Zoroark (Jimmy)
Shiny Pidgeot (DivineWind)
Shiny Samurott (Shelldon)
Lucario (BlueSoul)
White Kyurem (Shivers)

FCs: They're coming soon I promise. XD

I'd love to breed a pokémon for you! If you're interested, trade me a female with the egg moves you want.