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I randomly started making this pack earlyer to day. I don't know why but I did a bunch of stuff so far.
So far I have only done trainers. This is what I have so far free for use later today or tomorrow I will have the sprites (Might not have all but will have at least half.) I will NOT have a Trainer txt file. Possibly later on I will make one. I don't like animations so I can't do animated pokemon. Sorry for all the people looking for animated pokemon.

I will include in the pack:
-All Trainer Backsprites-
-All Trainer Overworlds (From my pack and P-Signs pack)
-4 trainer Sprites-Left out Male/Female and 2 gym leaders Sprites for B/W.
-Music from B/W and B/W2 will be in it as well. I will put it in when I update the pack with male and Female Sprites.
-All Unova Pokemon overworlds including shiny forms Left out of the pack is Black/White Kyurem and Therian forms

Things Completed for Pack:
-V.S Sprites-Complete B/W & B/W2 V.S Sprites
-Trainer Battle Sprites-Complete B/W2 and B/W Sprites- Will be in next pack.
-Most Trainer Battle Backsprites-3 Left.Cillan,Cress and Chilli Sprites
-Male and Female B/W2 Characters
-Rival Overworld (Left out in the pack uploading now.)
-B/W2 and B/W Music Files (If music does not work I will figure something out.)
-All B/W pokemon overworlds completed for Pokemon Essentials! And you may use them with The Pokemon Follow Character script!

Unsure what else I am going to put in the pack. This is just what I have so far. I am making the Overworlds for the male/Female trainers from B/W2 and I will have B/W trainers as well. Those I will put in from P-Signs Pack.
-Spriters Resource
-Help-14 (Template for the back sprites)
-wvistaultimate on Youtube (B/W2 Music)
-Luka S.J. (Found the music and sorta liked the video or commented on it and I saw it)
-I lost who made the Pokemon Unova Sprites. So whoever it was CREDIT'S TO YOU :C

That's all I have been using so far. So here is the pack link:
I am going to update the link every time I change/add something into the pack.

I was not going to name the Trainers but I had done it for my game so I just did it for this pack. All the trainers are from B/W and B/W2. Yes there is other sprites in there but everyone is from those games. Please don't ask where to put all the stuff in the pack. I don't know where you would want to put the V.S sprites or the Music (Which goes into the BGM folder) The rest you should be able to figure out where it goes. Thanks and Enjoy the pack. Credit is required.

Read this passage: I am aware that the pack is missing somethings. The things missing include some overworld's that are a different color. By the looks of it they are for showing scenes of history. I may add them into the pack later on in the days. I have added more stuff and am adding more right now. This pack will be complete. I have a game I am making so I am unable to do much. The pack is going to be updated once or twice a week. I am hoping to get people to help me XD I am not very quick when it comes to this kind of stuff. I will have most of the Overworlds for B/W2 in as well as the missing trainers and backsprites. Thank you for reading.
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