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Ryan's SU!

Full Name: Ryan Blake

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hometown: Accumula Town, Unova


Personality: Ryan is a heartbreaker. He uses girls to get what he wants, and sometimes even asks them to lose battles so that he can win. Ryan is very convincing and can make a girl believe they love him. But Ryan is very sensitive, and he loves his Pokémon. He will do anything to win, however, which can really mess up a lot of relationships with other trainers and they may suspect that he is the impostor………. But he has never denied that he was.

Biography: Ryan hails from the Unova region, and was born and raised in a small town called Accumula Town. Ryan lived there until he was 15, and with two of his trusty Pokémon in hand. Ryan had received both of his Pokemon from his father. They both were found at the Pokemon Hospital that he was the head surgeon at. (For more info look at the Pokemon Bios) He traveled to the Kanto region, the oldest region in the entire world. There, he began in humble Pallet Town, and began his Journey after speaking with Professor Oak. His Pokémon excelled, and one day he was wandering down Route 24 and an Abra jumped out at him. It was very peculiar, especially because of the fact that Abra’s are so shy.

The Abra and Ryan’s Cubchoo battled it out and Ryan finally caught Abra. After that, the Abra has made incredible progress and has evolved into Kadabra. Ryan had battled a the Pewter and Cerulean gyms and beat both Gyms. Cubby took on the Pewter Gym, and after a long battle with many close calls, Cubby barely won. At Cerulean, Alistair took on Misty, and easily took her out with his arsenal of Psychic moves. He left Cerulean and arrived in Vermillion, and a strange man handed him a ticket for the S.S. Anne. He decided it would be good to go.

Species: Kadabra

Nickname: Alistair

Level: 20

Ability: Synchronize

Move set: Teleport, Kinesis, Confusion, and Psychic

Personality: Alistair is a very strange Pokémon. He is very straightforward and never takes no for an answer. He has been like this since Ryan caught him, as he insisted that he would go on a journey with Ryan. Alistair almost always wants to battle, and will even come out of his Poke ball voluntarily and run out onto the field before Ryan can even send the Pokémon he intended to battle.

Short Bio: Alistair was a scared Abra all alone on Route 24. His family had migrated, but he stopped for a second to get a drink of water and they had vanished. Alistair had always been the solitary type, and when this first happened he was ecstatic. But over time, the little Pokémon was alone and frightened. When he saw Ryan come along he jumped at the chance to make a friend, and after he was caught the two and his Pokémon became best friends.

Species: Cubchoo

Nickname: Cubby

Level: 22

Gender: Female

Ability: Snow Cloak

Move set: Growl, Powder Snow, Icy Wind, Brine, Hail

Personality: Cubby is a very shy girl, and it was very difficult for her to become Ryan’s Pokémon. But nonetheless, she began to love it. Although she is still very shy, she has become feisty and very motivated to win. She is very comfortable around people and Pokémon she knows or in battle, but when it comes to social interaction she is at a loss.

Short Bio: Cubby lived with her Mother and Sisters and brothers on top of Beartic Mountain, but one day as they were climbing around having a jolly old time, Cubby fell off of a cliff and was taken to the nearest hospital. Ryan’s father, a Pokémon doctor, healed the girl. He saw so much of his son in this little Pokémon that he caught her and sent her to Ryan back in Accumula Town. Cubby and Ryan had a difficult time in the beginning, but eventually they became the best of friends.

Species: Deino

Nickname: Devon

Level: 23

Gender: Male

Ability: Hustle

Move set: Tackle, Dark Pulse, Bite, Dragon Breath, Head-butt

Personality: Devon is very happy and affectionate. Many people are surprised because Devon looks like he crawled out of hell, but he is a little angel. He loves to snuggle and cuddle, but his real passion lies in battling. He is a real devil within battle, but if he makes a Pokémon faint after the battle he will make sure the Pokémon is okay. He is a huge sweetheart.

Short Bio: Devon didn’t start his journey with Ryan as a Deino, Ryan received him as an egg. Ryan’s father was taking out the trash at the Pokemon Hospital he worked at, when he found an egg sitting on the porch. It had a note on it that said “Give this egg to a kid who will give this Pokemon a journey of a lifetime.” Ryan’s father immediately sent the egg to his son, and when it hatched Ryan was incredibly surprised. He had never seen this Pokemon before, but he was excited because it was such a mysterious Pokemon. They became the best of friends and have been traveling ever since.
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