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Black Restart Day 3 Part 2 and Day 4:

Ok so my journey sped up a lot. I finaly defeated Lenora on the 2nd try,but almost lost one more. After the battle,we had to chase Team Plasma for stealing a Dragonite Skull. After I defeated the Plasmas I returned to Wellsping Cave and caught a Woobat but didn't get a chance to find a Drulbur. In Pinwheel Forest I caught 2 Cottenee and traded one for a Petili. I also caught a Sewaddle and a Venipede. I then went on to Castelia City after battleing all the trainer in Pinwheel and winnig. When I got there I stopped at the Center to recover. After that I went to the gym and Cheren met me out the door after winning at the Gym. He left then Burgh came out telling me Team Plasma was in the town. Both of us ran to the docks and we met up with Bianca and Iris. Plasma had stolen Binca's Munna which made me mad. So me and Burgh chased a grunt who had returned in attempt to steal another. We met at a building in front of the gym. Burgh battled two and I battled 1 grunt. We both won and then ran inside. There we met Ghestis and another Seven Sage member. Bianca and Iris came in and Plasma gave Munna back. After that I got a fire stone from a Prof. on the docks and I learned that pokemon eveolved with a stone do not really learn any good moves. After that I battled the Danceing Trio and won and got them together. Then I battled the gym. I defeated all the clowns. Then I battled Burgh. I lost the first time because I was being stupid and didn't use my pokemon with advantages on bugs till it was too late. But Roggenrola was by far my best pokemon with Rock Throw. The 2nd time I took no time defeating Burgh. After that I got a call form Bianca wanting to battle. I battled her and won. At this point I figured it be a good time to train Tympole. So I switched out Rufflet. I then got all the items from the start of Route 4 before being challenged by Cheren. I once again won and evolved my Oshawott. After the battle Prof. Juniper wanted us to meet her. I took my time. I Caught a Scraggy and battled other trainers and got the rest of the items. I finly made my way to the Nimbasa Gate and Juniper gave me and Cheren Ultra Balls. Cheren went back out to catch more pokemon and I went ahead and went to Nimbasa. When I entered I defeated Plasma Grunts who were attempting to steal pokemon from the Daycare man. After their defeat I got a Bike finaly from the old man. I went to the Center to heal. I also met Binaca again and she went exploreing Nimbasa. I went back out on to Route 4 and then to the Desert Resort to train. I caught a Sandile and a Dwebble while I was there. After I trained,picked up all items I could find and defeated all traiers I seen,I went back to Nimbasa. I went to the Amusment Park to look for the Plasmas but instead I met N and found that he was the King of Plasma. He challenged to let his men escape and I beat him then he disappered. I then went to find Binaca. We learned about Musicals together and then left and her Dad tried to get her to come home. However Elise stepped in,the leader of the gym,and changed his mind. Now I am training more. My Riolu evolved into a Lucario. Now all I am doing is waiting and training. Because once I get my Sandile trained,I will be challengeing the gym.

Current Team:
Lucario Lv 23
Roggenrola Lv 24
Growlithe Lv 23
Grovyle Lv 24
Tympole Lv 23
Dewott Lv 23

Stand Bys:
Rufflet Lv 22
Sandile Lv 21