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(Phew! Took me hours to make it! But i'm finished! And i present you

| Full Name: | Ayame Akiko

| Age (16+): | 17

| Gender: | Female

| Hometown: | Viridian City

| Appearance: |

Ayame has black hair and wears a white top with a golden plate on her chest. The blue skirt and the white socks she is wearing gives her a japanese appearence which suits her pretty well. Ayame also has a pale skin color and has aqua deep blue eyes, thanks to that most people think she's a shy or cold hearted girl while she can be quite happy sometimes.

| Personality: | Ayame used to be a cold-hearted and shy little girl, thanks to that she was a aim for alot of bullies. When she met the one year older Dorian it changed though, somehow he showed her true nature. Now she is a happy girl that is very positive about everything, she can be upset and depressive sometimes though, when she is upset or depressive she prefer wants to be alone so she can get things straight.

Ayame mostly tries to find a place for herself wherever she is, normally Dorian is the only one who knows those places. Ayame can also be a little protective, esspecially when someone is scolding at her childhood friend Dorian, even though he can protect hisself perfectly. Ayame is also the kind of girl that knows more than people think.

| Biography: | Ayame is born and raised in the Viridian City, going to kindergarten at a early age. She used to be very cold-hearted and thanks to that she was a aim for alot of bullies, since she was shy she didn't dare to protect herself, she mostly just ignored it. This was untill a one year older boy protected her on a age of 4 from a bully, a boy called Dorian.

Thanks to Dorian she started to show more expressions, now she only acts cold on times people try to bully her again, but mostly Dorian is there to protect her from them. Ayame wants to be alone when she is depressive though but Dorian somehow always knows exactly how to cheer her up.

Ayame never really liked her mother because she left her and her father when she turned 5, this was probely because her mother had a affaire and wanted to leave her current family to start a new one with her new husband. Her mother blames her father for not being able to keep her.

Since Dorian is the only one who knows this she pretty much always tells him whats on her mind, and whenever he is depressed she comforts him, trying to cheer him up. Since he always protected her and still does she feels comfortable around him, maybe more than comfortable...

Also little secret here, ever since Ayame had no friends besides Dorian she went to the forests alot and made friends with pokemon, thanks to that she met her pokemon. Though, after many years of going to the forest the all days she discovered something... She could understand the pokemon talking to her, at first she found it weird, but later she found out it wasn't at all and got the courage to tell Dorian about it.

Pokémon (Max 3)

| Species: | Poochyena

| Nickname: | Hikari

| Level: | 25

| Gender: | Female

| Ability: | Run Away

| Moveset: |
*thunder fang

| Personality: | Hikari is a very happy Poochyena. She doesn't like to be in a pokeball though so she mostly is found around Ayame. Hikari was the first pokemon becoming Ayame's friend so she sees Ayame as a very important and precious friend, meaning if you touch her she won't forgive you.

Hikari also likes it to talk with other pokemon and to make new friends. Hikari doesn't like it when boys talk to Ayame and can get irritated by it.

| Short Bio: | Hikari left her brothers and sisters on a young age after having a big fight with her mightyena father. Hikari won't tell anyone besides Ayame though since it lays sensitive, esspecially because she had a very close bond with her older brother.

Hikari found Ayame when she was 4 and was playing in the forest, she saved her from falling into the river and ever since then those two are friends.

| Species: | marshtomp

| Nickname: | mizuko

| Level: | 26

| Gender: | Male

| Ability: | Torrent

| Moveset: |
*water gun
*mud shot
*mud slap

| Personality: | Mizuko is a little bit of a cool acting pokemon, he likes interacting though. He doesn't want to leave Ayame's side and is very nice towards her and his teammates. Towards other pokemon he can show his cold side though.

| Short Bio: | Mizuko never knew his father, and his little baby brother was caught when both were very young. Then another trianer tried to catch him, the trainer failed and mizuko ran away. That's when he decided to evolve into a marshtomp and protect other pokemon that don't want to be caught.

That's also how he met Ayame, when the 8 years old girl decided to catch the poochyena she was befriended with for a long time, he tried to protect Hikari, finding out later that Hikari actually wanted to be caught and apologized deeply to the young girl, thats when he found her reckless and constandly had to keep her out of troubles with other pokemon, after Ayame turned 10 Mizuko decided to never leave her side.

| Species: | Lucario

| Nickname: | Obilivio

| Level: | 32

| Gender: | Male

| Ability: | Inner Focus

| Moveset: |
*Dark Pulse
*Metal Claw
*Force Palm
*Bone Rush

| Personality: | Obilivio is the cold and cool like pokemon, he's worser than mizuko with his coldness because mizuko shows happiness sometimes while Obilivio refuses to do so. Obilivio is very focused on protecting Ayame when she does reckless thing such as climbing in trees, he also protects Dorian sometimes, Obilivio thinks this is his duty ever since Ayame saved him when he still was a Riolu.

| Short Bio: | when Obilivio was still a Riolu he once got injured really badly, he tried to find somewhere nice to rest for awhile, when he woke up he was covered in bandaged and found in the arms of a 14 years old girl. 'Shhht, it's alright...' She said to him, he was suprised, and freaked out on the same time, this girl... He could understand her.

'You were close to dying...' She said worried to him. That's when he realized he owned his life to her, he never trusted humans, but didn't hesitate to trust Ayame, when she turned 15 he evolved into a Lucario, and gave himself to Ayame as a birthday present, that's when he got the nickname Obilivio.
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