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Originally Posted by Daikoru View Post
Hello folks.

I feel like starting a ROM Hack, major project. However, I have never done a ROM Hack before. All of the knowledge I have from creating games are from RPG Maker (Did pretty much everything, except Scripting).

So I went and looked around to get informations and grab programs (thought all the ones I wanted were included in PGE). However, I still have some things I want to know:

-I wish to create Fakemons, with my own spriting skills. PGE has all kind of stuff for editting a Pokemon except one thing: Sprites. What program for Sprite editing would you you suggest for a beginner?

-I've seen Physical/Special split is possible to edit in the Attack Editor of PGE. However, I've also heard it requires an ASM to make it work. I have no idea what that is, mind helping me find/install that ASM?

-I'd like to create moves with particular effects. I know I can only use existing effects. However, can I make an effect that normally does no damage actually do damage in addition to the effect? (such as Protect and Transform).

-I wish to create a whole new continent. However, I have no idea how I should start it out, if I should delete maps to make space or not. What do you suggest me?

-Anything a beginner should know before throwing himself into a big project?

Thank in advance for the answers.
I don't mean to undermine the post above mine, but I didn't notice this post when it was first made, and I just want to clarify a few things.

Like the person above me, the easiest program to use for sprites is Wichu's Sprite Editor. It's probably on the first page of the "Tools" page here on Pokecommunity.

There's a link to a completed project here which provides IPS patches for the Physical/Special Split itself, as well as a second patch which has everything already done. It should be safe to patch onto existing hacks, as long as you didn't move the move data anywhere.

Some effects, like the ones you listed, won't work if you simply put in a base power. Moves that do something like Protect or Transform have effects that generally solely work on the person who is doing the attacking. You can make your own effects by extending the effect table and doing some ASM, but it's a little cumbersome and difficult. You can try doing what the poster above me says, but I think it'll end up being more difficult than that.

It's generally a silly idea to delete maps, and then make more maps. I realize that some people like to start off with a clean slate, but it's easier to just resize existing maps and add new maps instead of completely restarting.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.