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Dar' Kovu - 10 miles out from the Imperial city

Dar' Kovu woke up in his makeshift camp. Hr stood up slowly and saw it was noon, he had gotten a good 10 hours of sleep. More than usual...

From here, the Imperial city was 10 miles away. Dar' Kovu grabbed his gear and hit the road. There oddly weren't many travelers passing him as he walked. After a few hours, he could see the Imperial city. He sped up to a jog to close the distance faster.

After what seemed like jogging forever, Dar' Kovu made it to the gate and walked into the city. He walked up to the nearest merchant and asked about this Leonde Lioria guy. He found out he owned a small time bar near the center of the city. It was also a popular place for Mercs to rest after a job. He thanked the Merchant and headed towards the center of the city.

While he was walking he got a lot of odd looks from civilians and guards alike. By the time he got to the bar, he had a few guards thinking they were sneaky trailing him. When they saw the Khajiit step into the bar, they backed off.

At the sight of someone in brotherhood armor step in, the patrons of the bar all had there hands on there weapons. Dar' Kovu walked over to the Imperial behind the counter. and asked "Are you Leonde Lioria?"

The man backed up a little before replying "Yes, are you here to kill me, because you will never make it out of here!" As he finished, all of the customers stood up, weapons drawn.

"No, of course not," Dar' Kovu replied in a calm cool voice "I'm looking for someone, and you know where he is."

"Who are you looking for." Leonde said nervously.

Dar' Kovu paused. He just realized he never got the name. Oh well, he would have to be less precise.

"I'm looking for a slave trader from Morrowind." Dar' Kovu spoke.

"You mean Alammu Zainte? The Dark elf? He's hiding in Cheydinhal." Leonde said, a bit more confidently.

"Thank you." Dar' Kovu replied, he tossed a pouch with 100 septims for the information and left, He was now heading for Cheydinhal. He wasn't looking forward to the journey though.

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