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Quote originally posted by Mateo:
@Seraphimon-sama - I'm a fan of Doctor Who, so I threw in a few references to it along with the references to other things. There are references to Classic Rock songs (For example, "Couple Jak & Diane" is a refence to the John Mellencamp song "Jack and Diane", and their text references the lyrics. There is also a Hiker who quotes the song "Round and Round" by Ratt.) There are references to internet memes (For example, the trainer in Falkner's gym that says "Cool Story, bro.") Basically I like to reference other things that I'm a fan of, and Doctor Who is one of them.
EDIT: After writing this post, I'm tempted to make a spoiler'd section in the first post that just lists all the random references to things that I tossed in for anyone who is interested in (or possibly confused by) those things.
Oh ok. I was just wondering because I actually used to be practically obsessed with Doctor Who until about a year ago. I'm still interested in te show but I'm more into anime these days. But I should say this: LONG LIVE THE TENTH DOCTOR!
Also how am I supposed to beat the first gym in the other hack with just Eevee Lv. 14 and Kakuna Lv. 10? Is there someplace that I can catch a Fighting-Type? Or am I able to evolve Eevee in some unknown way?
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