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OK, now I browsed through Bulbapedia and discovered that in most cases in terms of main games, Australia's release date was BEFORE Europe's.

The only times Australia were last in the English release were Red & Blue and Black & White.

Most of the time it was Europe that came last.

So yeah I could be seeing the 11th as a possibility although they might go with the pattern that Red & Blue had: America > Europe > Australia.

In the case with HeartGold & SoulSilver, the Australian and European release had a very small margin.

The only time Europe was first was with Black & White, although they did get a few spinoffs before America.

Does anyone think I have a point?

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
It really is compared to the US release date...while if it's the 11th it'll only be 4 days difference between ours, and one between Aus and Europe. That would be nice for those Australian who don't want to spoil themselves while watching as the American's and Europeans chat away about the games...

I agree with that MR & AS, if they make Australia last then that could cause spoilers for Australian players.

Australia was in the middle for all main games bar Black & White, Red & Blue and Gold & Silver. In the latter's case, Australia was actually FIRST. Yep, Gen II started in Australia before America.


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