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I remember wanting to have Riolu as soon as possible but then I read somewhere that Riolu is Black 2 only and I gave up, god bless that Hiker in the beginning that has Riolu and you can check that Riolu really is on Sangi Ranch and once I returned, I found it pretty quickly o.O

Anyways, upgraded my rotating team:
Lucario 100, Espeon 80, Umbreon 50, Vaporeon 82, Volcarona 70, shiny Dragonite 70, Eelektross 80, Krookodile 82, Emboar 70, Reshiram 82, Latias 80, White Kyurem 92
(Yeah, I feel the wasted time on emulator xD)

Planning to catch and use the shiny Haxorus since I cannot use legendaries in PWT (they could have at least let Latias participate :/)
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