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Just re-started Pokemon White after almost seven months of not playing it.

I started off my journey by naming my character Zaspien and then picking Snivy as my started. I defeated Cheren and Bianca in the first battles, obtained a PokéDex and moved along my journey. On Route 1, I caught a Patrat and a Lillipup to win the competition between Cheren, Bianca and I but then proceeded to place them in the PC box once I had reached the next city (which I forget its name).

After proceeding through Route 2 and training Snivy, I reached Striation City which was a pretty interesting location. I explored the Dreamyard and picked up a Panpour from the nice lady there and proceeded to battle the gym leader. It was a pretty straightforward win - I used Snivy to defeat Chili's Lillipup and Panpour to defeat his Pansage.
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