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Originally Posted by brane View Post
There has clearly been a lot of planning and thought put into this game, so it looks very promising and positive. I'm hoping you do expand further into the Kanto region and give it some new areas and different events to spice the game up a lot more. I do think you need to revise some of your tiles because a lot of them do not match in terms of palettes and there are some very obvious tile errors in the first post (whether you've fixed these is beyond me). I think you should get a colour scheme going and have all tiles stick to that instead of this very inconsistent look. That said, good luck in the completion of the project and I hope all these changes to the traditional Pokemon story turn out well.

I will look into the palettes at the moment there are a few higher things on my to-do-list, than colour schemes, but I will add that to the list.

KANTO has a few edits I won't be releasing this to the public, and if it is released it would be because of someone already playing the game, maybe yourself... In saying this, I may add a map to the opening post with a region map, and each new area that is found, I will pin-point that area out on the map, you've just given me this idea, thanks for that haha.