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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Almost done my SU!

It just took a little longer than expected because PC was down for me. ;w;
Great! I know it's been a pain for me too, couldn't get on at all late last night ;_;.

I'm currently formatting the IC post, it is going to include summaries of all characters, including Pokémon lists, levels, moves, etc. - So that I can change them as and when needed.

Should be submitted later tonight >:3


Miss Doronjo, WestsideConnection, Pokeman1000 and King!. Just to inform you that your 48 hour reservations end tonight. As a bonus I'll give you all until midnight (GMT), which is just under 6 hours from the edit time of this post. If you don't have complete SUs by then I will open the spaces up and it will be first come first serve - sorry!

1 spot remaining due to one reserve dropping out.

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