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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia smiled as Jack said he was going to head to his dorm. "Alright then. Well, I can arrange a meeting with all of us tomorrow then. We can just hang out and get to know each other better!" She said happily as she waved Jack goodbye.

Tyro was too busy talking to Able to notice that Blade had been returned to his pokeball. "Yo! You're a girl!? I couldn't tell that you were a girl! I don't know much about bugs and I don't know much about girl's but if you are a bug and a girl then I don't know much about you and if I don't know much about you then I definitely need to get to know you more because there really aren't that many girls I know and all the girls in the Red Legion are strict and all and they're no fun but you look like you're a bunch of fun so we need to hang out and you can be my first sis and so whenever I see I can be like 'sis!' and you can be like 'bro!' and then we can call each other sis and bro and if I am your bro then Blade and Sam and Robby can all be your bros and they'll all be like 'whoa! A sis!' and...." Tyro continued on.

Lucia followed as Danielle went to the center and she just sat down as her pokemon were healed up. Samuel turned to Snype, "Listen. Don't get near Roberto. Ever. Got it?" Lucia then returned Samuel to his pokeball as Roberto stood near, still keeping his eyes locked on Snype. Lucia stood up as Danielle announced that she was ready. "Alright then. I'm ready to go as well."
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