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Originally Posted by Drgons90 View Post
Hmm, it actually takes me longer of I "make the dialogs like this", I don't even know where to place the commas!

"And it's too repetitive", said Evan.
"How certain?", said Anya.
"Very certain.", said Evan.
"And it's too repetitive,"[B]said Evan.
"How certain?"[B]Anya said.
"Very certain,"[B]said Evan.

Well I actually don't know the rules correctly either, I somehow managed to correct them by taking suggestions from people who reviewed my stories.

Also Googling it can help, there are lots of websites to help you.

Don't worry about repetition while writing the word 'said' again and again. It is better than finding the synonyms of 'said' in the dictionary and writing them.

When people read 'said', their brain automatically registers it as a part of the sentence and ignores it most of the time.

But then again don't overuse it, in fact you need not use the action verb more than once or twice unless the speaker doesn't mean what he says or the action is significant.

In a conversation "Go to hell!" can automatically be taken as shouting based on the previous dialogues, you need not say 'she shouted' after the sentence.

Atleast that's what I have realized from reading few novels and some guide books on writing.....

I think I am correct, if I am not then correct me!
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