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Quote originally posted by kkj1116:
Oh my.
I don't come on here that often but this looks amazing.
There aren't too many Gen. 1 hacks out there that are in evident progress.
I'd love to play the beta as soon as it comes out.
I also love the name, it's so original.
Thank you Thank you and Thank you!
Since I'm redoing the Town Map, it's gonna take alotta connection editing before the maps even work right. And theeen it'll be worth my while to work on the actual mapping. It'll probably be a while still before the first Beta, but the only things left on my todo list that I planned for the first Beta: Finish battle sprites, rewrite (at least a good portion of) the connection data, do mapping and story (and other smaller edits like trainer parties and mart items etc.) upto two badges. So it's not exactly "soon" yet, but it'll come with time

Quote originally posted by kkj1116:
One thing I'd like to suggest though:
Change the player sprite?
It's been played a lot in GSC and I'm not a huge fan of that sprite.
Just a personal opinion :-)
When I first stared out, I debated a long time about keeping the Red hero sprite or switching to the Gold hero sprite. I decided on Gold's hero mostly because I planned on inserting new backsprites for all the Pokemon, and I didn't want the hero to look out of place with a pixelated backsprite. Since then, I've considered using the backsprite used for Brown, although now I forget who is credited for that sprite.. Anyway, the problem I have with that idea is that there is no nice frontsprite for Red's hero. Even though the original is not pixelated, I still really don't like it. I much prefer the edit I made myself based off of the Crystal and Gold hero. If someone could provide me with a nice, Red hero styled frontsprite I would definately consider it, but I doubt I will put in the time for that when there are much more important things to work on

Thanks alot for you feedback! Be sure to drop by often!
~Danny-E 33

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