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Originally Posted by parallelzero View Post
Since I have a bit of interest, let me pitch a proposal for that Fairy Tail concept.

Celestia Spire: Guild of the Spirits (A FAIRY TAIL RP)

The nation of Fiore is known for it's many great guilds. Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, all fantastic yet mysterious guilds that deserve the high praise they have received. Amidst the numerous guilds in the nation, however, one remains a mystery above all else. Celestia Spire, a guild buried in the mountains in the southwest part of the country has been in existence, albeit without any members for fifty years. A guild thematically based around the Celestial Spirits, it is said that the Master was once a grand Celestial Mage, one that now only recruits those into his guild that meet an odd condition.

He seeks those born infused with the magic power of the Celestial Spirits - a process that is presumed to rarely occur to children born of Celestial Mages - first or second generation, but isn't proven with fact. These offspring, as a result, are born with a magic potential almost on par with that of a mythical Dragon Slayer, particularly when the infused magic is of a spirit of the gold keys. In a way, these mages were essentially human descendants of the spirits, and the Master of Celestia Spire wanted them all for his guild.


That's basically it for the premise. Basically, our characters will be those mages that possess the magic power of the Celestial Spirits and the RP will start with the Master of Celestia Spire doing... something. Probably set some sort of trap mission to bring out those that unknowingly have the power or something. XD Just because the characters have the magical power of the spirits though, doesn't mean they need to have the same abilities, so there will be a great deal of freedom in creating your character's magic. If people like this idea, I'll expand on it.
So basically we are like dragon slayers cept instead of being trained by dragons we are born with the power of celestial spirits? The the powers are just a basis of our magic so you could have the abilities of Sagittarius so you're magic is long range with no real short rain power (because he uses a bow). Am I following correctly? Just need a bit of clarity on how the magic can be so I can figure mine out Or could it be we chose our magic powers and then you find a spirit that our powers are based around?
It sounds so interesting though! Im definitely liking the idea.