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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Cool team, have you ever considered using double screens Azelf and un choicing stuff using Sub Mind Chandelure and going along the HO route ? I feel there is quite a bit of destructive potential, dont think i need to tell you how crazy SD LO Hera is with dual screen support.


Can i change the title to "Team Assman Flexion peaked 90000000000000000 on leaderboard" again lmao ? ;P

Nice to see a rmt from you though, you better stay or i will find you ;D
Definitely I've considered dual screens but haven't acted on that yet because if I do I'd have to make a few drastic changes and change the team from standard offense to HO as you said because imo dual screens are so much better for HO then this team right now. I'll test an HO variant of this with
- Duals screens
- SubCM Chandulure
- SD LO Hera

See how that goes.

More like Team Assman Flexion Revisited...XD

And the title is inaccurate now that I'm higher then 18th. As for my activity I'll stay as long as I'm not busy and interest doesn't wane. Play moar UU plz :<