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Self Introduction: Hi my name's Nick, and I'm the leader of the Digides-- no, I wish. I'm 15 and I love Digimon. I'm a nerd, I play old school type video games, so anything originally Nintendo. I love to read and I also write fan fiction, I'm currently working on a Digimon fan fic and I love it. I want desperately to have a Digmon game that isn't a piece of ****, and is more of the original characters.

Primary Skills: Mapping, OW Sprite editing, Text editing

Display of Primary Skills: I don't really know what that means. I've made maps, put in doors, made new characters with some scripts for them, and made warps (I can't make elevators though I wish I could. I've edited sprites for the Fringe Pokemon game I was/am making. I've changed text around, but it messes up alot of the time. I could be your Humourist/Script Writer easily.

Secondary Skills: Some basic scripting, Trainer and Pokemon editing if I have the sprites already in.

Display of Secondary Skills: I can make basic talking, Item giving and taking, Pokemon giving. In Yape i can change the moves of Pokemon/Digimon and what they turn into and various items. I can also use a trainer editor to change stats about the trainer: What Pokemon/Digimon they have, how many, the trainer class etc.

Past Experience: The only experience I have is on my own hack and that was a failure so yeah.

Email Address: [email protected]

Time Zone:EST right now it's about 10:26 PM

I hope you bring me on to your team, and if not, keep me posted on the progress of the game because I don't want to forget.