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Quote originally posted by Pokemon_Hero:
this episode is not bw91 it's bw89. The plasma episodes are not counted anymore.
Who doesn't count them? Everyone does. PM group who subs them counts them, Serebii counts them, Bulbapedia doesn't but that's because Bulba never counted missing episodes.

Quote originally posted by Mew~:

I can't say I think it'll happen, I'm just saying it's a possibility. I rather they take the advantage of a Lapras.
I somehow don't see that coming because of Satoshi's Lapras :D
It's not really writers' policy to give main characters same Pokémon :D (Yeah I know about Cyndaquil but that had a reason :D Ice-Fire combo had to be done =D)

Quote originally posted by Akio123:
I mean again, it's not going to happen unless the writers decide to troll us in the fashion they did with Takuto/Trollbias.
Takuto was awesome character xD I wanna see more trolling like that one xD

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