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Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
Gamefreak's Black/White and Black 2/White 2 have used some of my general ideas, with maps* and events**. Granted, the events weren't completely original to games, but they had never been done in Pokemon before. Just as a warning to everyone there MAY be some similar stuff, but now I'm inclined to just think of something else because I don't want to do things that have been done in the official games.

*Specifically, they made a grassy area in the middle of Castelia that's surrounded by buildings. I had done that SAME THING in 2010 when I tried hacking G/S/C. Do I have any proof? No, so I should just shut up; they probably got the idea from Central Park anyway, but I DON'T CARE DAMMIT! . And Illusion Forest (technically also from SMW tho).

**The Black 2/White 2 ending sequence, and other things I can't think of right now because it's almost 2 AM.

The only reason I bring this up is because I just saw the B2/W2 ending and got to thinking about how a lot of my ideas have been done by the mainstream games, and don't want people thinking I deliberately took ideas from them. It's just coincidence! Oh well. Too bad, so sad.

/Endrant Please consider adding support banners to your signatures, by the way. :D I added another, made by qaz015393. If you don't get why there's a Steven sprite, well then you clearly haven't played either of my other two hacks, you MONSTER. Anyway, I'll be posting more screenshots sometime this next week because I haven't in awhile.
hey man... all this is just a coincidence i don't believe that anyone would think of you copying gamefreak....and that's why everyone is here ! To try a new pokémon adventure and support the creators of the hacks !
P.S. 1: I copy pasted a hyetlology banner in my sig but it doesn't seem to work. In the sig preview it shows up but when i comment not....
P.S.2: What is with that screen that says "is thrashing about" ???
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