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Danielle Accola
Outside Pokemon Center, Academy Cafeteria

Lucia and Mark were also ready to go...but unfortunately, Jack had to leave the group, and George disappeared. As Danielle exited the Pokemon center, she took out Ozzy. She didn't want to take out Sector just yet, he's probably in a wild mood still, and it's best to take him out first thing in the morning when she meets Megan for the first time as her teacher, and not as a battler.

Ozzy stretched out, and yawned. “Pachiiiiiiiiiii!”

“We're going out to eat at the Cafeteria. Hungry?” Danielle said as she started to walk.

“Pachiii Pachiii!” Ozzy grinned and exclaimed. He ran towards Able, Mark's Ninjask, and Tyro, Lucia's Combusken. He wanted to hang out with them and to make friends, the same he wanted to do with Mienfoo, but couldn't do so. Danielle smiled at Ozzy, being friendly to the other Pokemon. Meanwhile, Danielle noticed George had left as well. Either he went off or left with Jack. Oh well, at least she still has Lucia and Mark.

The group then started to walk, leaving the Pokemon Center, and headed towards the Academy once again, the first time since she left for the Power Plant earlier. There was the sound of crickets around the forest...making the evening peaceful. There was still a little light left. The path towards the Academy wasn't as long, actually. And the Cafeteria was nearby. Ozzy kept talking and talking to the two Pokemon, which made Danielle wonder...what are they talking about...?

Arriving to the Cafeteria, it made Danielle's stomach growl more and more. It was a bit empty, but they were still open till curfew time. Few students were still there eating their food. As she stares at the kids looked delicious.

“Oh my god, I am sooooo hungry.” Danielle said. “What a long day, guys.” She said as she heads over to grab a tray from the stack. “Can't wait to see what they have for dinner.”

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