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Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
Chili does indeed get Emboar as a member of his secondary team, replacing Magmortar (according to Serebii).

Also, I might be the only one who feels this way, but the retro Gym Leaders (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh) look slightly out of place with 5th gen pokes. Just my opinion, but to me Unova pokemon don't suit them (e.g. Misty with Jellicent and Sabrina with Sigilyph).
Actually Chili's team is posted backwards, the items on the team with Emboar are the same as Cilan and Crest's Primary team. Magmorter replaces Emboar.

And I kinda disagree with a few of them, I can see Misty with Jelliscent. Its practically a giant Pringles floaty perfect for her pool. XD

Sigilyph for Sabrina makes sense too. Nazca lines are said to hold incredible power within like stonehenge and the other seven wonders, for an occult trainer like Sabrina its pretty well fitting.

Elesa with Stunfisk however is WTF worthy. It is no way an appealing Pokemon for a top class Model to have....

Blain with Random Rotom Heat. What?

Wattson with Washer Rotom?! What? THEN trades out for the Pompom Rabbit twins....LAME

All three Rock Gym Leaders have a Relicanth...WTH?! Much better choices than Relicanth.

Volkner has Fan Rotom and then Normal Rotom....Why? I know its electric but why two different forms and why Fan?