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Perhaps not quite as evil as his father, though... however both definitely have issues. And I like the horrible accident scenario, too His silence finally revealed! Wouldn't be one of my stories without Lisa The League's become more modern... their law enforcement agents can't get by with Pokemon alone...

Well, actually with that... he stops mid-sentence as he retrieves his gun, then continues, so technically, it's all part of the same sentence.
Just make sure Lisa wears some pink dresses. And that they use Pokemon. So no sneaky chapters only with cars while Im gone?
Actually, I can't guarantee either one... Lisa's blue dress/green blouse outfit is pretty much her trademark, and I want this to be quite different from the other stories out there, where people solve their problems in a more direct, more effective, and more deadly way. But rest assured, where there are cars, there will be other weaponry...

She appears in the Fire Red/Leaf Green remake games for GBA.

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