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Thieves Forest-Ambush Site

Zane watched as the others gathered around TrueStriker, and in a flash of white light, they vanished, teleported back to the Thieves Village. He then turned his attention back to Defender, who was to say something important to him. He motioned towards the trees.

"Come on, walk with me Vigil." He said. Zane nodded and followed him as he led on, motioning for Noctus not to follow. Whatever he wanted to tell them, he didn't want anyone else to hear. They reached the edge of the trees, an area where they were still able to observe the thieves at work while still talk in secrecy. Satisfied that they were far enough, Defender sighed and began.

He went on to tell Zane a bit about his life. About his mother's passing, and his father's busy days with the Alliance, causing Defender to sneak around a lot, leading to the life he lived. Zane listened silently as Defender told him about his life with them, and the job he found himself doing because of it. It was there he had apparently picked up his knack for planning. Zane didn't know how to respond to any of these events. They were so unusual to him, as he realized what different lives Penance and himself led as they grew up.

"So.... just needed to get that off of my chest. I know it's probably not the life most of Gold Tribe go through, but I guess I am unique. Anyway, we should head back. Get our rest."

Zane smiled in response. Defender was right. He was unique. In fact, they all were in some way or another. Zane was slowly beginning to understand that. They all come from so different backgrounds, from different places everywhere, but for one reason or another, their paths led to the Gold Tribe, and therefore here. Those events from each member's past shaped them into who they were and allowed them to become the person they were today. Perhaps it was something Zane should have said to Defender specifically. But Zane never had that ability to give eloquent responses like Rey did. He always felt with that with Rey, you would always get the response you not only want, but need. Nevertheless, he spoke back.

"I see. I...never knew any of that about you, brother. Thanks for telling me." He said to him. Defender got off the tree, and approached Noctus again.

"Hey, we're ready to head back." Defender said to him. Roswell, who was close by nodded, and called one of his thieves over, an Abra. The three of them stood around him, ready to go.

"I'm going to overlook things here for a bit, but I'll see you back in the village before you head out tomorrow." Roswell said, to which Zane nodded in response. A second later, the three of them vanished in a blink of light, and teleported right in front of the Thieves Village a second later. Even though the night sky provided little light, the Thieves Forest remained the same activity-wise, many of the thieves still singing and dancing about, while others were passed out on the floor next to the treehouses.

Zane saw the others of the Gold Tribe, just a bit ahead and caught up with them. Lyn waved them over as they approached.

"So, what now?" Lyn asked them.

"Well, we should get some sleep..." Zane began, to which Lyn groaned. "We have a big day tomorrow, Guardia." Zane continued. "We need to rest. We need our energy for everything to go right."

"Yea, but...I'm hungry! And I'm tired of eating the same nuts and berries we've had in our packs. Don't you guys want a better meal beforehand?" Not waiting for an answer, she began to take off, impulsive as ever. "Well I'm going." She said. Before Zane could stop her, Sword and Shield put a hand up and spoke up.

"Don't worry Vigil, I'll watch her. I might as well replenish our supplies while I'm at it anyways." He said, smiling. Zane nodded in response. He knew the Snorlax probably wanted something to eat too, given his size, but he didn't want to say anything in front of his brothers and sisters.

Zane looked around. "So...where exactly do we sleep anyways?" He wondered out loud.

"Pick a spot, any spot." A voice came from behind him, coming from the Abra who teleported them here. "Nobody owns any of the treehouses. Nobody does. Just sleep in whichever one's are empty." He said, shrugging. "It's much simpler this way, don'tcha thing? Without all those rules and property and such. Just pick a place, and crash." The Abra took off, and Zane just shrugged to the others.

"Interesting." Calamity said, peaking through one of the treehouses to see Pokemon sleeping through them. "I guess we find one and go there."

"We're probably going to get split up in all this, so maybe its best if we agree to meet in front of the Decreement tomorrow morning." Zane told the others.

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