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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
I suddenly have the urge to dig this outta my stack of old PC games and build some cities!

For when Minecraft gives you lemons... make cities in Sim City! :P

Nice LP, by the way! :D
This LP tends to have that effect on people!

Update 10 - Benjamin:

Benjamin is another immediate suburb of Grenadia Flats, and, like Welshville, has oodles of traffic that flows between Grenadia Flats and West Grenadia Flats flowing through it. Benjamin is also a decent sized suburb in its own right, checking in at 13,775 for its population, and generating a fair bit of traffic of its own. There's also some long-distance inter-city traffic that passes through here as well, with it also being only 1 city tile away from Donavann.


A closer in look at the developed portion of the city.

Here we have the city center, which has been ravaged by road widenings in recent years due to a very heavy flow of traffic through the area. Those road widenings, however, are still not enough to handle all the traffic flowing through the area, and upgrades are due soon.

Here we have the affluent eastern neighborhoods of the city.

And across the highway we have the much denser and poorer New Railroad Town, named so because it was where the railroad through the area was rerouted when the highway was being built.

Moving further west, we have an overview of the entire northwestern portion of the city.

And to finish things off, we have the city's lone industrial park, which has a high concentration of high-tech industries.

I have quite a bit more to show you all, but I need to receive comments so I don't have pages that are modem slayers, and so I can get everything else I have to show you posted faster!
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