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So what is everyone's favourite Iris moment? :D

For me it's definitely when she cured Bouffalant's injured hoof in the anime. She was so caring and resourceful and showed perfect trainer skills in getting Tepig & Oshawott to finally work together after all the arguments. Plus she looked hilarious in the wig. x] I also loved when she worked so hard on getting Excadrill to come out of his shell and start battling again like before; it's a huge shame what happened in their first battle after that but it just goes to show how strong their bond used to be back before the Haxorus event. It's slightly confusing why she's training an Excadrill and Emolga though considering she is/wants to be a Dragon type master... I know the stories were perfectly valid as to why she caught them, but I find it a little confusing why they'd include that haha. I expected them to keep it more like Misty where she does mainly catch Water type Pokémon in their journey... I guess it adds some variety though which is good c: