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Scyther and Haunter evolve the same way in Fire Red/Leaf Green. Also I'm the only person to not battle a Weezing in Amythest Sewers, I believe. If you encountered a Team Tundra Grunt with a Rattata in Morphic Tunnel you'll probably encounter the Weezing guy. You'll also encounter tile errors in Scarlet Forest and a Bug Maniac with Gyarados (he actually has a Volbeat) in the route south of Scarlet Town. I believe you have to download a different kind of Fire Red ROM if anyone plans on making a Let's Play of it.
Pokemon WARPED: Fixed Beta 3, to be available when I ask permission from Magneto20 or the other guy to fix it. Farfetch'd! Septo Conquest Deluxe is on hold until WARPED is finished to be more awesoming.
Pokemon Light Platinum X will be coming soon after CycloneGU makes a fixed version of the current release.
Also coming soon is Pokemon Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Also to be known as the Pokemon Seasons, Pokemon Summer and Winter coming soon first!