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Honestly I've been playing on Smogon all day and the teams were mostly the same, looks like the stuff hasn't affected them much. Yet. I've seen Keldeo quite a lot but that's it. I also decided to play in UU where it again hasn't changed much. I've been using a lot of DW/tutor Pokemon. X-Scissor/Stone Edge/Superpower/Hone Claws Durant isn't even funny. It's destroyed so many teams. Simple Swoobat isn't bad either. Swoobat is a bit hard to get a decent movepool for. Calm Mind is obviously a staple move for it. But then it has options from Psychic, Stored Power, Psyshock, Heat Wave, Hidden Power, Roost, Giga Drain, Air Slash, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball and Charge Beam. SWOOBAT WILL DOMINATE I'M TELLING U.