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Originally Posted by P0kelegend View Post
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Have you played B2W2 yet? If so, you must have noticed that the new areas in B2W2 have a Hoenn feel to them. I'd say the biggest hints would be the emeralds in PWT and Driftveil, Rebirth Cave, the route before Rebirth Cave, and the New town with the water Gym. They scream Hoenn.
Very true, I don't know why I forgot about those. Then, there actually is a decent amount of hints. Rebirth cave has to be a pretty big hint IMO, there is one part in the cave with a big pool of water/magma which almost exactly resembles the caves that Groudon/Kyogre can be caught in, in Emerald. The part with the houses on top of the water in Shizui's town reminded me of Pacifidlog straight away.

Also, the fact that a Rustboro remix was programmed into B2W2 but is not used ANYWHERE in the game could very well be some sort of evidence too. Although, I think I remember that they put a remix of Suicine's battle music in FRLG and it meant nothing but who knows.

The hints are quite subtle, because you can't be 100% sure as to whether they thought of them as hints or not when putting them in but I'd say the ones you mentioned are very interesting and its likely that they could be hints.
There are even more things in B2/W2 resembling Hoenn. Going through underwater to get to final gym, new Champion who used to be Gym Leader and left his/her mentor as Gym Leader, crisis and music change caused by actions of mascot Pokemon - Kyurem's ice did that in Opelucid, the same like Kyogre's/Groudon's powers in east Hoenn. Hidden Hollows in B2/W2 resemble Secret Bases in R/S/E.

Of course all those things can be said to be coincidences, but there are so many of them that it's hard to believe Game Freak made them all without thinking about remaking R/S/E.