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Originally Posted by Zarus View Post
Idk if this has been spotted before but I caught an Abra north of Goldenrod city and I decided to teleport back to Goldenrods Pokemon Center but instead I teleported to Lavender town in kanto region. I haven't even beaten 3rd gym yet so...

Also, If i heal at Azalea town and decides to teleport from there, I will end up at Cerulean town in Kanto (which lies in Kanto as well)

And best of all, if you heal at the Inn in route 32 just before Union Cave and decides to teleport, you will end up at the Indigo Plateau aka Pokemon League.
yeah this has been spotted before, and I didn't really like it in the last hack. The people working on this hack are still trying to find out what's causing it.
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