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POKéMON- synchronicity
Rated T for probably something.
0 open spots.

They say that for every soul there is another
perfectly in sync.

Soulmates, they're called.

Be it friends, lovers, eniemies,
they are connected
by fate's chain.

- - THE STORY - -

In 24 hours exactly this year's Pokemon Grand Tournament, the most popular tournament in all of the Pokemon World, is going to begin. Every year thousands of people tune in to watch the three week long competition, with each year having a new location, new faces, and new rules. But this year you aren't watching. You are in the Pokemon Grand Tournament.

You just arrived at the stadium complex, on a island off the coast of the Sinnoh region, your three competing Pokemon with you, but very little else. Upon entering the island you were given a rulebook, and a pass for your room, but what interests you most right now is the complex itself. The building is amazing, a colossal stadium with four housing areas, one on each side, as well as a buildings for audience housing back away from the main. All around are people, be it competitors, viewers, performance acts, or vendors, and from the mouths of some come rumours about this year's ruleset.

Instead of one on one battles, trainers have been paired off into teams, even having to share a room for the next three weeks. It's a part of, this year's sponsor, the Veilstone Corporation's chosen theme: Legends of the Sinnoh Region. The teams are supposed to represent balance and the ability to work in perfect unison as the divine Pokemon of legend did.

You've got a lot ahead of you, even more than you think. In 24 hours the tournament is going to begin, and you and your partner are going to discover that you're more connected than just through being paired up at random. You are linked by fate.
You can communicate to each other with just a thought, and may even start to develop more powers as the bond between you and your partner grows.

But something is wrong here, and as the hours progress it will become more and more evident to you. But in order to solve this mystery and maybe even win the tournament you're going to have to work together with your partner and battle in perfect synchronicity.


You were given a small book of the tournament rules for this year, an explanation of everything you'll need to know for the next three weeks. It is as such:

Competiton Rules
This year's competiton is based on teamwork, meaning every competitor has been paired up by a random, computer generated selection. Every rule must be followed by both members of a team, otherwise both team members will be disqualified.

1. Every contestant may have three Pokemon, and three only.
2. Battles are timed. No battle may take up another battle's time slot.
3. If the clock runs out mid-battle the team wit the most Pokemon left will be declared the winner. (if it is the same amount then special rules will apply)
4. The matches are generated at random an hour before they begin, so as to prevent cheating.
5. Although every team is encouraged to watch each match, it is not a requirement.
6. Nobody will be allowed to leave or enter the island after it starts until it is over.
7. Gambling will not be tolerated.
8. No part of the island is off limits unless it is otherwise stated. (by a sign or guard)
9. Contestants may speak to each other, but not battle, outside of the main competition.

There are four housing areas for contestants, named Space, Time, Creation, and Distortion, after the legends of the ancient Sinnoh Region, this year's theme. Each contestant rooms with their partner in their assigned house and room (on the pass you were given at the main admission). These are the universal rules for the housing areas.

1. You may only visit the rooms of others if you are invited.
2. Meals will be provided by the house. These are optional, but do not bring any food from outside.
3. If you lose your room pass report it to the front desk immediately.
4. Do not enter any rooms with the label 'Staff.'
5. Non-participating persons are not allowed inside the Competitor Housing.

Disqualification and Losing
If you are disqualified or lose a match these are the regulations you must follow.

1. You must remain on the island at all times.
2. You may watch matches as an audience member.
3. Your room pass is still valid. You will not be moved.
4. You will be allowed to keep your Pokemon with you, although you may not battle.
5. If you break any rules after losing you will be unable to enter the main stadium, and will be heavily monitored until the tournament is over.

For the team who wins all of their matched and does not get disqualified there will be a reward of 5000000 Pokedollars each. Although it seems like a large amount, winning is no easy feat, so it's a prize you'll definitely have to work towards.

The Island
This island is named Thayla Island after the owner of Veilstone Corporation, who bought the island fifteen years ago. The Veilstone Stadium takes up most of the island, as do the venues listed here:

Island Admission
Island Admission checks the items carried by anyone entering the island and makes sure that all registered tournament contestants arrive and are housed. Island Admission will be closed after the tournament starts until it ends.

There is a large housing area for the audience behind the main stadium that overlooks the sea. It has no theme, unlike the four Competitor Housings.

The four housing areas for contestants are located on all four sides of the arena. These are called, Space, Time, Creation, and Distortion, and are themed after the four divine legends they are named for.

Front Lawn
This is the area in front of the stadium complex. Performances unrelated to the main competition sometimes occur out here, and there are many vendors selling various merchandise.

The Beach
There is a beach on the western island. There are chairs set up, and some vendors venture out far enough to sell their goods on the beach. The water is cold and rough however, so swimming is not advised.


These are the actual rules that RPers must follow:

- - All PC rules apply. Every last one.
- - No god-modding.
- - Ask before bunnying.
- - You may write a joint post with your partner if you so choose.
- - Your partner will be random. However, you can request to change partners if you and your partner cannot RP together well. (Time zone problems, for example.)
- - You may break tournament rules IC if you discuss it with me first.
- - You may encounter Pokemon, but not catch them.
- - If you aren't sure about something ask me. I don't bite.
- - I'll make any important or disputed judgments. (outcome of matches, plot things, etc.)
- - Even if you lose in the tournament you can still be important to the plot.

My intentions are to sort everyone away into houses and pairs completely by random in order to make sure everything remains even. So I suppose if any decision I make is too offensive I can change it but be sure to tell me right away.

Also, although Arceus is supposed to be more powerful that the other three legendaries, they are being regarded as equal in this RP. So hopefully no-one will pitch a fit about Creation.

- - SIGN UPS - -

Age: (16+)
Date of Birth:
Hometown: (City, Region)
Reason for Entering: (fun, money, challenge, fame, etc.)
Appearance: (I'll cut some slack on this one, but the more descriptive the better)
History: (Should be at least two paragraphs)
Pokemon: (Three exactly. No more no less. Give me their gender, nature, and four moves each.)

Accepted Characters

1.) parallelzero as Eria Estella
2.) AlexOzzyCake as Ryudo Skye
3.) The Final Watchman as Kirkland Lawrence
4.) Baker's Bulbasaur as Cody Rhodes
5.) SwiftSign as Alex Hall
6.) Fuyu as Rion Mazer
7.) Reader_Maniac as Orion Pierce
8.) fortworth96 as Mina Avery
9.) xelarator as Alex Tinajero
10.) Whimsyful as Salem "Rolly" Walters
11.) Curious. as Anson Amador

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