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Please add me in the counting as I dust off my emulators and begin my challenge, kind sir.

Username: mistertendo
Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
Game(s): FR-> HG ->S ->D -> B
Monotype: Fighting
Team: Mankey (will update of course)

Here is my very first update


-As I Tried to foolishly undertake this errand with no Pokemon, Professor Oak both laughed at my brazen attitude and shed a solitary tear for my overbearing ignorance, he directed me to his lab whereupon he allowed my to select from three very rare species not found in a single patch of grass in Kanto.
-I tried telling him that I was destined to be the greatest fighting-type user in all the land but he would have none of it!
-I settled on selecting the one closest to me (Bulbasaur).
-As I attempted to leave to catch a Pokemon that I actually intended on using, Oak's dreadful cad of a grandson stopped me for a battle.
-I tried explaining that he was "Messin' on my mojo, brah", and proceeded to say "Yo dawg, I'll school ya proper once I get a fighting type, so cant ya just let me leave? seriously I'll see you on Route 22 and by then I'll have a Mankey, I swear I'll battle you then, bro!"
-He would have none of it.
-Painstakingly, I battled him with my destined-for-PC-Box-1 Bulbasaur.
-Smashing victory, that blasted chap had it coming I dare say!
-I proceeded to run Oak's dreadfully boring errand and netted myself 5 Pokeballs from his aide! Smashing!
-Mankey was first on my list, so I travelled on foot to Route 22, whereupon I stumbled across a Spearow, which I swiftly caught and nicknamed "FLY" after the only purpose I caught the blasted thing for.
-Of course I caught a Mankey from the same field of grass whom I had intended on calling "Jab-Cross", had I not have accidentally selected NO when asked if I would have my Pokemon nicknamed...
-Mumbling to myself about how I would have to wait until Lavender town to rename my lovely Mankey, I continue to grind in order to soon lay waste to the young man whom I promised a challenge on this route.