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Started again with my Nuzlocke challenge, I got to Burgh but found it too difficult as I lost all of my pokemon (I had decided to continue playing normally but decided to try again with a different starter).

Just reached Route 1 and caught the first pokemon that I encountered (I have the Random Encounter code on so it can be any of the 600 ish pokemon)


Blaze (Torchic) Lv7
Rain (Lotad) Lv4

None so far

Update: Reached Accumula Town where I trained my pokemon a little bit before battling N (I went back to Route 1), defeated N and entered Route 2 where the first pokemon I encountered was Jirachi, I ran from it and looked for another pokemon, the second pokemon that appeared was a Cubchoo so I caught that and healed my team at the pokemon centre, I'm going to train my team a little bit more before I head back to route 2.


Blaze (Torchic) Lv12
Rain (Lotad) Lv11
Fist (Cubchoo) Lv9 (the nickname will fit better when it evolves into Beartic)
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