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Hello to everyone on this board! I've reached this wonderful game up to the first orange island (a bit after prof. ivy) without a single glitch, problem or whatever could make me say "yo i see a bug"
I've been playing liquid crystal 3.2 on my psp and I wanted to say that the game works without a single problem on this psp emulator! All events are in place, no bugs, no graphical glitches! (will take a few photos later)

The only thing that shouldn't be happening is that you can reach route 100 and the first orange island from new bark town! Luckily I saved earlier cause if you go there before you are supposed to, you are stuck there bro :D

Other than that the game is the best pokemon game I've ever played! I would really like to know where exactly this beta ends! I'm outside the "17th" gym now and I'm about to go back to Oak to give him the ball Ivy gave me!

ps: i hope mew/mewtwo will be obtainable when this is over

Hey again!

I finished the 17th Gym challenge also the corsola cave and the big bad guys with their big bad table in the old mansion left after i scared them with my MUSCLES! what? GS ball is in Oak's hands also... got a team with mid lvl70's pokemon! Does the storyline of this beta end here?

PS: I've met all legendary birds + groudon through axel but I have no idea where to catch them... I read something about some flutes (?) but the videos I've seen on youtube are from 2.1 and the guy catches zapdos the first time he sees him and in my or our case he flees! I've been in a cave and read something about a flute and the bird of thunder but...yea Shed some light here oh pokemon gurus!

ps2: sorry for the long ps :D very nice and helpful forum I must say!
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