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I'll happily join this! Consider this my reservation, which I'll finish ASAP.

Name: Sidney "Sid" Ferguson
Age: 17
Date of Birth: September 21st
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cianwood City, Johto
Reason for Entering: Sid is a man of simple tastes and goals, a bit of extra cash in his wallet and the chance to say he won the Grand Tournament definitely sound good to him.

Appearance: Sid is about 5'9", and is quite the heavyset man, at 180 lbs. Once shouldn't just assume that this is fat though, as due to his lifestyle, quite a good bit of it is Muscle. His hair is straight and a dark brown, and has most of its length in the back. Going down to about the bottom of his neck. His hair also is quite unkempt at its ends, though mainly at the front. Sid's eyes are colored a steel grey, and give a cold feel to look into, though his personality is anything but. When it comes to clothing Sid dresses simply, and certainly looks the part which he acts. He wears a solid black t-shirt which usually has a bit of dirt on hit, or more likely is a little bit wet from training with is Pokemon. With this he usually is seen in a pair of dark blue Swimming trunks which are long enough to function as shorts when not in the water. On his hainds, Sid wear's a pair of crimson fingerless gloves the color of which match a headband that he usually wears around his head when on dry land. Around Sid's neck is a precious Sharktooth necklace he got back in Cianwood, always there to remind him of home.

History: Sid has always thought of himself, before anything else, as a Water Type Specialist. Even as a young boy, growing up on Cianwood Island Sid always had an affinity for water. His father worked as a Fisherman, and subsequent fish salesman, and his mother worked at the island's newly opened Safari Zone. Sid, liked to think that he worked at the Ocean, and as a little boy he would spend many days either with his dad fishing, or just out playing with other kids by the seaside. Like many younger kids, Sid dreamed of being a Pokemon trainer, but was one of the few with the audacity to possibly make it a reality. Begging his parents for a Pokemon, it was his mom who brought him back a Wooper from the Safari Zone, and his dad who taught him battling 101. With this, Sid and his Pokemon, whom he had named Tsunami, began to train in their spare time. Though at this period in his life his Parents possessed nowhere close to the amount of money needed to get him started as a trainer.

By age 13 though, certain events would give Sid the opportunity he dreamed of. He was already becoming a bit of a headstrong and rash teenager, and his tastes too were changing. Sid began to crave challenge and thrills, he combined his love of the sea with his hotheaded attitude and took up Surfing. He also battled everyone who we could in the city, though Chuck was way out of his league, Sid and Tsunami did become quite the battling duo, and the Wooper eventually evolved into Quagsire. However, Sid wanted to fight something that would provide some real thrills. Luckilly for him, his father came home one night with a crisis, the Best fishing spot off the coast had become occupying by a raging Gyarados. Sid, much to his Parent's fear and behest, offered to take the beast down himself. His dad refused to take him out there, and so Sid had to steal the boat early the next morning. When he rowed out, sure enough there was the Gyarados, and sure enough; it was angry. Sid and Tsunami battled the raging sea beast, which ended up smashing his father's boat in two, and nearly drowning Sid, but he and his Pokemon triumphed. Sid not only stopped the Gyarados, but rode back to Cianwood on its back, having captured it.

His Parents were furious that he put his life on the line so recklessly, but Sid didn't even care. It was the fight that he had craved for so long. The move also caught the eye of Chuck, who saw that Sid had potential as a trainer, and offered to help him get the registration done to become an official trainer. His Parent's, though worried now for the safety of their son, relented after his continual pestering, and let him go to travel Johto. On his last day at home, Sid bought a sharktooth necklace to remember the island by, and with that he and his two Pokemon were off. Still with a love of Water, Sid caught mainly water types, and made his goal to one day open up his own Water-Type gym, or even better, become a Water type member of the Elite Four. He with time, conquered the Gyms of Johto, and then set his sights on Kanto. Where he expanded his Roster further. It was here that Sid found out about the Grand tournament; deciding that it would be an excellent way to up the chances of reaching his dream. He sent off to register for it, packing with him the two Pokemon that had been at his side the longest, and very new addition to his team, ready to hopefully make a splash in the international battling atmosphere.

Gyarados (Nickname: Dreadnought)
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

Quagsire (Nickname: Tsunami)
- Curse
- Aqua Tail
- Earthquake
- Recover

Electrode (Nickname: Voltage)
- Rain Dance
- Thunder
- Taunt
- Explosion
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