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Hi everyone, I need recommendations on how to finish off and balance my team. I have beaten the Elite Four and all but I wasn't a fan of the pokemon I used and I'm trying to get a more likeable team.
*I don't want to replace any I have, keep that in mind.
*Levels aren't permanent I'm still boosting.
*I don't want ones that can't evolve without being traded or something.
-Blastoise lvl 100 all water moves
-Flareon lvl 89 all fire moves
-Staraptor lvl 73 three flying, one steel moves
-Absol lvl 50 two dark, one normal, one bug moves

Suggestions? I tried to base the core around the Elite 4 [i.e. flareon/staraptor vs 1st, blastoise vs 2nd + 3rd, absol (eventually) vs 4th] but Cynthia pisses me off with Togakiss and Milotic. I know electric could work with them but all the ones I have stink (I can boost but I don't like their power or leveled up attacks.)

Shameless bump. Any ideas?