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Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Username: Bizebest
Challengec: Water
Completed : I, II, III
Current : IV
Update #1


Got Piplup, named it Tuxedo
Got to Jubilife, eked a victory against Barry's Turtwig
Got to the Coal Mine and evolved Tuxedo intro Prinplup
Destroyed Roark's Gym
Ran to Jubilife (again), defeated some grunts and headed for Floaroma
Ran to the Windworks and caught a Shellos, named it Triton
Quickly got the key for the door and went back to clear the building
Went through the woods with a Lady
Got to Eterna and Cynthia gave me "Cut"

Current Team : Prinplup Lv 21 / Shellos Lv 20 / Bidoof (HM slave)
Badges : 1
Proud Breeder and Trainer since Ruby&Sapphire

Heart Gold FC: 1850 8090 9305 Trainer: Manji
White FC: 1249 7820 8373
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