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Quote originally posted by Vsjester13:
Secound i found Deerling and Sawsbuck pretty useless sure the idea of a deer that looks different depending on the season was good but i never really found it a usefull pokemon.
imo it's p awesome competitively, especially in sun. :x

Quote originally posted by KingoftheNinnies:
Cryogonal, by a long shot. I saw its picture and thought it was going to be this gen's Ice-type beast (like Glalie in Gen III) and then there was the fact that the chances of meeting it in the wild only go as high as 5%. I got super excited over it and had great plans for it. Then after nearly 5 hours in Twist Mountain I got one and it was such a let down. Its Sp. Atk was ok but it was useless in every other stat.
It also has nice special defense too! sucky defense though unfortunately. :(

Quote originally posted by Ultimate Uchiha:
Braviary was definitely a major letdown for me. I remember seeing it's pre-release picture and think how much of an epic Pokemon it would turn out to be. Sadly, it's stats are nowhere near what I hoped they would be and training a Rufflet all the way to level 54 is not something I would do again. I don't think Braviary is a bad Pokemon but there are other flying types I'd rather use like Archeops even with it's terrible ability.
Well it does get access to good moves such as Return/Brave Bird/U-turn/Superpower (lmao @ basically its competitive moveset :x) so it can do good if trained right imo.

Quote originally posted by CSCcascade:
I think that Nintendo should do away with Unova.
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