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Black Restart Day 8 Part 2:

I flew to Nimbasa City and rushed to the Relic Castle. There I had to face Team Plasma again. I met Alder with Ghestise talking about some stuff about changeing the world and Cheren caught up. We found out the Light Stone was not there and then Ghestise left. After that I got a call from Prof. Juniper and all of us meet in Nacren City. There the Light Stone wa. Thank god the Plasmas didn't see it that day. After that we all split up and I agreed to take on the responsability of getting Reshiram. I flew back to Iccerious City and rushed the next route winning all the battles. At that time Before I got to the bridge Binaca wanted to battle me. Because she wanted to learn more about my pokemon. After that she let me go. I ram onto the bridge and near the end I meet Ghestis and the Shadow Triad. He congratulated me on getting the Light Stone and told me a little about his real plan. They left. Then I blew through the last route before I got to the City of Dragons. I happened to catch a Pawniard and Garbodor. Team Plsma was giving their speech once again in the City of Dragons and me and Alder met with Iris and Drayden. Alder went back to the Pokemon League to wait for N and before he left he said "If anything happens to me,you must stop Team Plasma" and flew off. Iris and Drayden told me about the Tale of the Two Dragons. And then Drayden told me to face the gym and him.

Black Restart Day 9 Part 1:
I took on the challenge and swept the gym once more with just Fraxure. After I left the gym,Prof. Juniper told me where to go and gave me a Master Ball then she left. I went to route 10 and the new person told me there was a massive storm on route 7. I went on ahead and caught a Vullaby and a Bouffalent. I got to the bridge where both Cheren and Bianca met me. We talked about how serious this has gotten and how much we have all changed. Cheren battled me and wanted to make sure I was ready to take on the Elite 4 and N. I won the battle. Cheren said I was great and said he just had to keep getting stronger and if anything happened to me and Alder,that he would try everything in his power to stop N and ran off. I think he was hideing that he was about to cry. Bianca started getting sad and probably cried and said that she knows the world would be full of saddness because she had her pokemon stolen from her first hand. She told me I must stop Team Plasma and left. I went through the 8 gates of the Elite 4 and now I am takeing a break at the entrance of Victory Road.

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